Active Staff:

AprilJue – Chinese Translator
Eve – Korean Translator
Macirex – Typeset
Mimi-sama – Founder/Cleaner/QCer
Navi – Cleaner
Senah – Raw Provider/Tech Support
Starleaf – Cleaner
Steph – Proofreader/QCer
Retired Staff:
Belle Proofreader/Typesetter
Benowt Raw Provider/French Translator
Caroline French Translator
Deano Editor 
jenny_120 Cleaner
Saya987 Typesetter
Seres Proofreader/Japanese Translator
Tessa Proofreader 
x91 Oneshot Cleaner

2 responses »

  1. Hello~. I just wanted to speak with anybody from this group. I’m the owner of Vanilla Tenshi. If you don’t mind could you give us some advice to help us out. We’re new, and not much people.. 😀

    -ohmiharu (Mikan)

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