Salutations all future staff, please read below.

We are currently looking for:

Translators– Japanese [with/without furigana], Korean, Chinese [traditional/simplified].

Raw Providers/ Scanners– provides the groups with manga RAWs

Editors– after the cleaner is done, goes through and corrects images, not text, has to know how to use a image editing program

Cleaners– cleans the scans, knows how to level images, pages cannot be double-paged unless intended, has to know how to use a image editing program

QCers– after typeset is completed, goes through and checks the quality of the pages and fixes little things that aren’t quite right, has to know how to use an image editing program

Proofreaders– proofreads the actual translations on the text file, has to know a decent amount of English and grammar

(All positions not strike-through are open)

*Please note that you are not required to be experienced in Photoshop (though it would be a lot easier), you just have to know how to use an image editing program

If you are interested in joining our staff, shoot the staff an email at: with all of the following questions answered:

1. Your name and desired position

2. Must be willing (must be answered, means of answering is left to applicant)

3.Your experience

4. Example of your work

(Add any additional information that you think is needed to increase your chances of landing a position)


20 responses »

  1. 1. Name : Caroline
    2. Position I’m applying for : French translator
    3. Temp. staff (since I don’t understand japanese nor chinese, I can only be useful for very specific projects)
    4. Work hours : 2 or 3 hours a week I think
    5. My experience : None. This would be the first time I work in a scanlation team
    6. Example of my work : None

  2. Hi Caroline, thanks for applying.
    That’s fine that you only want to be a part-time.
    We expect to work you a bit. ^_^
    That’s fine that you don’t have experience, we can teach you.

  3. Name: Jenny
    Position: Any
    Permanent Staff
    Work Hours: 5-10 Hours/Week
    Experience: Very little regarding Manga
    Example: None

    I have the Corel Paint Shop Pro program which allows me the ability to clean up pages and insert translations into the text bubbles. I am proficien with this program but, I have never done any work on manga other than messing around.

    I only know English but, I can proofread to make sure everything sounds right.

    Other than that, I am very good at searching on the internet and can find Raw scans. I run across them regularly.

    If you are interested in any of these things, I would love to help out.


  4. Thanks Jenny for applying.
    I’ll send you an email to go over things.
    We will also expect to work you for everything you got, just like Caroline. ^_^
    We teach also, but that’s great you have experience with a Photoshop-like program.

  5. Name: Daan
    Position: Any image editing position
    Permanent staff
    Hours: About 5 hours a week
    Experience: I’ve been attending a design school for about 5 months now which has given me some experience and before that I was just trying to learn how to use programs like photoshop/flash
    Example: –

  6. Hello Daan, that’s great to hear that you wanted to join our staff.
    You’ll hear from one of us soon through e-mail. Expect to be worked for everything you got. Jk ^_^. But thanks again for applying.

  7. You know guys, there are Japanese MQ-HQ raw tanks of W Juliet available on Kyo’s Forums. You can grab those to support your W Juliet releases, which I hope, they continue.

  8. Name: Mary
    Position: Proofreader
    Temp Staff (I think)
    Work Hours: As much time as I can
    Experience: I am sorry I have none.
    Example: None

  9. Hello Mary. ^_^ Thanks for wanting to join staff. I will be emailing you shortly with directions of what to do soon. Expct to work hard, okay?


  10. 1. Your name-Navi

    2. Position your are applying for- scan cleaner

    3. Temp. staff or full-time- temp staff

    4. Your work hours- thats a tough one.. really depends how school starts

    5. Your experience- ive made a fiary good amount of wallpapers, signatures, avatars, etc

    6. Example of your work-

    Mimi-Sama showed me the site and wondered if i was interested… and im a lil interested

    i might not be available always depending on whats going on in life… im going to college and may have to geet a job.. which would considerably drop the amount of time i can work.. but i am still very interested in this kinda work

  11. Hello Navi.
    Mimi will most likely be the one to email you about the need-to-know things. Please be patient, she is handling other things right now. We’ll gladly accept your application and go over it. Thanks so much for applying. Also you have really pretty wallpapers, I enjoy looking at them. I’ll desktop one for now. Sorry for how slow we’re currently going, but we will for sure get an email to you before Tuesday. Thanks again.

    -Neko-chan =>.<=

  12. 1. Your name

    2. Position your are applying for

    3. Temp. staff or full-time

    4. Your work hours

    5. Your experience

    6. Example of your work

    Name: Meg

    Position: I can be a Proofreader or be a newbie scans cleaner.

    I can work part-time for proofreading as I am currently proofreader for both Enchantment Scans and Sherbet Lemon sites…but I could go full-time for cleaning!

    None for cleaning, but I’m been a proofreader since August, not a long time but I’ve proofread at least four or five chapters.

    An example of my proofreading work will be avaliable on November 10th, when Enchantment Scans will be having the entire volume of “Beauty Pop” released.

  13. 1. Your name- Samantha

    2. Position your are applying for- i’m not sure if you need any type-setters. i have more exprience in typesetting but i’m also interested in the position of editor, but i have no experience in it.

    3. Temp. staff or full-time- full-time

    4. Your work hours- 1-2 hours a day

    5. Your experience- i have some experience in typesetting (if you need typesetters) i’m new at editing though.

    6. Example of your work- i have none. i used to be a type-setter for another scanlation site but i quited because i need to work for more than 4 hours a day, and since i have school i have no time to make a deadline, but i’ll work my hardest, just don’t make me work for more than four hour a day.

  14. Your name – April Jue
    Position – Chinese Translator
    Temp. staff or full-time – Temp
    Work hours – That kind of depends…I’m a senior, so yeah…I could be used as backup, or just don’t give me too much…?
    Experience – I tried out as a translator for a different group at omanga, but I was kind of too busy…and I don’t really know how to format the translating..?? I am Chinese-American, but I’m better at translating simplified….
    Example: None that I can find right now…

  15. Name: Steph
    Position: Proofer
    Temp or full time: I can hope to assume full time, I would think that proofing is some-what important.
    Work hours: As long as you need me!
    Experiance: Very little, but I’m willing to learn.
    Example fo work: Sorry, but none.

    This may be coming a little too late, but if you still need someone please consider me! ^.*

  16. 1. Your name: Eve

    2. Position your are applying for: Korean-English Translator

    3. Full-Time
    But sometimes I have school and such ._. I’ll tell when those days are.

    4. Your work hours: I have no clue. I translate whenever I can.

    5. Your experience: I’m working on Obereru Knife with KyonPyon at the moment. I’ve translated some chapters of Dear My Girls.

    6. Example of your work: Chapter 4 for Dear My Girls and Obereru Knife which I’m not sure when it’ll be out.

    Hope I can help =].

  17. Thanks all the guys above for applying.
    This is kind of a late reply and I apologize for that.
    I’ve talked with Neko and she said that we would first have to find new projects first.
    We’ll (both, or just me) email you guys to explain some things and then we’ll keep at it from then. Again sorry for the late replies…


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