Yup, that’s today! 25th of July of the year 2009! Well there’s nothing special about today other than…*drum roll* the next Ares release from our group! Yes, we are completely aware (for those from MangaFox) that we release a lot slower than Raiki’s scanlations, but our scanlations should be of the utmost quality (that our group is able to give/produce of course).

Well thank you all you staffers that helped us get this release out.  =>_<=

**Remember we’re still looking for Korean and Japanese translators, editors, and typesetters! If you’re interested please visit the forum or click the ‘Joining Staff’ tab up-top. New staff applications are always welcome!**

IMPORTANT: If you are looking for the download please visit the forum and read the FAQ if you’re new. It’ll answer your questions about the releases/downloads. Thank you for supporting us.

*PLEASE NOTE: A-Team is the new kmts, they have released chapter 143 not too long ago. We are still going to release 143 as planned unless our translator decides to stop halfway and continue onto chapter 146.


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