Urgent News.


Hello, this is Mimi-sama.

There was a misunderstanding between readers and MangaONE. MangaONE has not dropped and wasn’t plannign to drop W-Juliet, theya re currently releasing it, so I am afraid that we at Ne Neko will have to possibly drop the project after being so close to releasing a proper typesetted and edited/cleaned version of W-Juliet. I know we have slow releases, but we try really hard to meet expectations of readers.

We are currently looking for translators [Chinese, Japanese] and raw providers, typesetters, QCers, cleaners, editors, and project ideas. If you would like to join the Neko Staff please click the ‘Joining Staff ‘Tag on the top right of the page.

If anyone has ideas please comment. Please include the title of the manga and tell us where we might find scans for it.

Thanks for supporting us thus far.



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  1. I hope you won’t have to drop W Juliet since you must have worked hard on this project. Besides you already released some chapters…
    By the way, W Juliet is licensed in France (I’m french) and the volume 12 just got released, so if you need some help to translate the last chapters of this volume, I would be glad to help^^. Actually, I could help to translate the volumes 13 and 14 too once they are released (on the 07/09/08 & on the 24/09/08). However, as you may have noticed, I’m not fluent in english and if I help you translating this project, I will probably make grammar mistakes, therefore the Qcer will have to be patient :p.
    I would also like to suggest a project idea :
    Title : Desire Climax
    More info :
    This project was originally done by Shoujomagic but this team seems currently inactive. Milkcandymakers have also released several chapters but they are also inactive. (last release of DC : 10/31/07).
    This is a great manga, I really like it, and I you are interested, I could send you the raws.

  2. Hello,

    I agree with Caroline. Please do not drop W-Juliet. I have waited for a long time to read the end and was so excited when I saw that you were continuing the project. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else interested in updating it. This is one of my favorite mangas and I really want to know the end. I noticed that you posted that OneManga will continue it, but, I couldn’t find any mention in their forum regarding this.


  3. I am very happy to hear that there are people that read our releases, even though they up to par. We will try to continue the project W-Juliet and find new projects while we’re at it. Thank you very much for caring about us, we are so very happy to hear from others.


  4. i really hope you guys don’t drop it, because you’ve already done so much for it. plus i really like your scans =D

  5. please do continue… i really like your scans… and if possible please do volume 10… the previous volume 10 scans are so hard to read

  6. You want us to release the one’s that are already being translated by MangaONE? That is only if translators and typesetter wants to do our own version. Plus, if we do that we need more typesetters.

  7. I see, we will surely think about that after we actually get at least the volume 12 chapter 4 release out. But we are having typesetting issues and now in need for typesetters, we have the translations but no typeset for them. I hope nobody has given up on us because we’ve been on hiatus for so long…

  8. hi!
    I just wanted to offer the vb rose raw scans in case you need them. There aren’t any groups scaaalating that I’m aware of so please I hope you release it soon 🙂

  9. Please don’t drop the project, it’s sad to see problems between scan groups….I really like the girls of mangaONE but why can’t you do a joint? Thanks a lot for your work.

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