I have great news!


Sup! Welcome to Ne Neko Scanlations if you’re new!

We’re a budding scanlation group that wants to release awesome releases to fans of W-Juliet and other series in the future.

So back to what I was saying, I have great news!

We’re going to release very soon. It’s not a whole chapter but half of the first chapter of the tenth volume.

The staff is well aware that Manga One has released the first chapter already, but we decided it’ll be easier to just release our own version also. Plus no one will get confused anymore about who scanned what and released what/when!

I hope you guys keep supporting Ne Neko Scans! ^0^

–Ne Neko Staff



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  1. I m happy to see news 🙂
    i didn t had much news and i m not available so much these days so perhaps it explains why.

    i ll gladly read the future release


  2. You know that volume 10 is already fully scanned??

    The scans can be downloaded from mangatraders.
    Well just to inform you about that,
    Either way, thanks for scanning this manga.

  3. Yeah, Marcos, the rest of volume 10 has been scanned and posted on mangatraders, but it’s LQ scans, not a scanlation, it’s not the same imo. The rest is up to the translator/editor, to do what they want (especially if they had already started working on that :p)

  4. I’ve heard that you guys are going to release really soon, I can’t wait, I was about to buy the copy but then I really like you guys releases, even though the first couple weren’t cleaned, but I know that Mimi-sama from the MSN Group was doing it all alone, so i totally support you guys!

  5. Sorry, I promised I would come again, and…I did!
    I’m so glad and still cheering you guys on from the sidelines!

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