Reporting on status.


Okay! Sorry for the huge gap between all our releases.

I’m Neko-chan reporting. We have been busy at school, so our staff apologizes. We have found raws tothe remaining olumes and now are trying our best to find typesetters [which we need greatly, currently]. If you would like to apply for typesetter just post a comment. We will hopefully be releasing sooner or later. I know before April, or at least hopefully. We were on a “special hiatus,” you know the types that people aren’t aware of…heh.

Anyways, please keep supporting us like you W-Juliet fans have, and we’ll release.

Thanks again, Neko-chan.



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  1. OMGawd! I knew it!
    I heard that you guys had moved your site to wordpress, but I didn’t know where it was until my friends helped me find it!
    I’m so happy that I’ve found it! I’m gonna visit more often now! ^0^
    Ganbatte on your future releases!

  2. Actually, I have a lot of experience is doing just about everything that has to do with scanlating manga. I’m Belle, and have been in groups such as Urakai-Scans and TMI-Scans. I also have my own “group” made of me, myself, and I, called Saffire-scans, thought that is on a bit of a hiatus. Anyway, if you need help doing anything except cleaning (which I’m not super good at as I’m on a laptop) I can help with. My main strength is definitely proofreading, as I’m currently a university student who intends to major in English and minor in Editing. I am also taking Japanese classes and hope to one day translate.

    Anyway, if you want to see an example of my work, download this Kekkaishi volume here:

    In Kekkaishi volume 11, I did 90% of the cleaning, 100% of the proofreading, and 100% of the typesetting. Give me an e-mail back. ^^

    I ❤ w-juliet.

  3. Hi Ne Neko,

    I’m a cleaner, i have access to photoshop and skilled enough to redraw etc. I’ll help you clean chapters, except right now, i’m on hiatus, i’ll be able to help in two weeks. I have previous experience in cleaning and QCing, i helped start NCIS and J-Sis, i have been head of department of Koukou Debut if you have heard of the series, but because of everyday life and school, i haven’t been able to help my beloved group, J-Sis.

    I’ll be able to help you guys if you are willing to let me clean whenever i am available which is going to be soon, and i’ll do a maximum of 5 chapters, so later chapters would be best. I want to help you guys finish off this series as soon as possible, so i hope you guys accept and email me your response.

    If not, then it would be all good, keep up the great work :).

    Yours sincerely,


  4. Hey guys if you still need help with typesetting and minor proof reading (I do have some knowledge of Japanese too so I can assist with translation correcting) I’ll be glad to help out! I helped TOWNL scanlate death note with proofreading and some other duties I tried out like cleaning and typesetting :). I don’t clean anymore, but I did enjoy it… My favourite part in the process was typesetting though! I’m an extremely nitpicky typesetter and hate the little things some typesetters do to mess up hahahaha! So if you let me help you out I’m going to be a real perfectionist about it. LMK if you need me, just email. And I love W-Juliet and have been following this series for years and years (probably 5 years now since Omanga was scanlating it and dropped it). Hope to hear from you! Ja ne!

  5. A scanlation [scanlating] is when you are scanning and translating a manga or anything but the term is mostly referring to manga. Hope that helped you out.


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