Notorious MIA-ers?


As you can see, our group is going to become notorious for going MIA so often.

We just can’t help it, we’re all that the transition phase (we’re mostly students) and all approaching/completing our finals.

BUT, we are planning on starting up our aged gears once again to release high-quality scanlations to the world!

BWUAHAHHAHAH!! Now, join us as we attempt to completely scanlate Because You Are Mine!

Thanks, look forward to our progress!

–Supreme Commander


Step One: The Gathering


Salutations all who read,

I am the founder of this scanlation group and we are currently preparing for our rebirth. Presently, we are recruiting staff who are willing to assist us. If you are interested, please contact the staff at:

For more details and descriptions of positions, please click here.

next step: publicizing.




Hi guys! Thanks for getting Ares releases from us. Today we’re going to release chapter 146 of Ares! AHHHH! Amazing! I know. So go and get it at our forum. If you’re new to the forum, please read the forum’s FAQ. You’ll understand everything after that.



Yup, that’s today! 25th of July of the year 2009! Well there’s nothing special about today other than…*drum roll* the next Ares release from our group! Yes, we are completely aware (for those from MangaFox) that we release a lot slower than Raiki’s scanlations, but our scanlations should be of the utmost quality (that our group is able to give/produce of course).

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Ares release!


Hi guys. It’s Ne Neko Scans first release since its been brought back from the dead.

Today we’re releasing Ares vol20 ch144. kmts hasn’t released in a long while and Ares is a good series to read, so, here it is.

Please get our release from our forum.




You guys, you guys! We have a forum up now, it’s not that great and everything and it’d be nice if someone who knew how to use invisionfree helped us out, but anyways, it’s up! Yay! Go ahead and join and do all sorts of other forum like business.

FORUM here or click on out ‘Ne Neko Scans’ banner that’s located to the left on the blogroll.

Again, YAY!